About Us


Hello, I'm Bruno.

I have been baking for thirty years, having started my training at the age of fourteen. I studied baking, patisserie, and the art of confectionery and ice cream making at Rouen Bakery College in Normandie, which is the region I am from in France. I knew that I wanted to be a baker from a very young age and my ultimate dream was to run my own bakery.

Bread is a basic staple food but it is wonderful to see the end product using just a few simple ingredients. Not only that, but you can be adventurous and add extra ingredients to create hundreds of different types of bread. I specialise in French breads and cakes however, having worked in Jersey since 1994, I have become familiar with the more traditional English style of baking.

La Baguette Chaude

La Baguette Chaude bakery opened in 1988 and I took it over in September 2008.

I have fifteen staff in total, including a baker, two pastry chefs, four shop assistants, a catering assistant and a kitchen porter. There are a mixture of nationalities and everyone works well together as a team.